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The weekend of 25/25/27th November saw 11 ladies and one gent converge for a fun knitting weekend in Croyde.

Alison kindly arranged the accommodation and provided lovely breakfasts for us.

Alison's Mum Pat joined us for meals and sat and did her tapestry whilst we all knitted which was lovely.


Edna almost completed a reversible baby jacket which she was very pleased about.

Marian had fun knitting charity garments and working on a bolero for herself.


Debbie  partially knitted an Anne Brown bolero whilst Maggie knitted the back and sleeves of a sweater for herself, front ot be completed at home.


Neil knitted a long sock and tried out lots of samples.


Irene tried out her garter carriage and PPD and knitted some swatches.


Alison played with her garter carriage and then knitted some monster pants. Linda experimented with her garter carriage and made some very nice tension swatches, hopefully for future garments.


Lynne knitted three pairs of socks which were lovely .


Penny made a hat for her son and made inroads into her poncho and Mary knitted the bodice and skirt which Anne Lavene wore at the workshop. She just needs to crochet it all together hopefully ready for Christmas.


It was a fun, busy weekend and hopefully it is something we can repeat next year.


Her are some photos from our lovely weekend.

Pub for dinner on Friday.




"It's behind you" Edna!

I 1


L1 M1



Mar 1

Marian doing her maths!



Mary 1


Pat 1

Pat and her tapestry



Al 1


Ly 1



                   Croyde Weekend

            Tips of the weekend


Neil:   close the yarn feeder before    taking the carriage across, or else you have a disater!!


Maggie:     Don't knit without yarn in feeder, 'cos it all falls off!!!


Linda:  plug in garter carriage before you panic !!!!

More tips


Lynne:    change tension after knitting the rib, or else you will swear !!

and make sure your carriages are connected!!


Mary: Don't stand on the yarn when you are winding it , as it will break !!



                          Some pictures of the cooks

veg prep Debbie  peeling spuds

 Debbie peeling  a  mountain of spuds.

early morning veg. prep


Let me help you madam!!!

pen 1

Penny's scarf

busy knitters

Busy knitters